Accounting can be an important strategic business driver for any firm. By outsourcing accounting, you can not only reduce your costs but also enjoy significantly higher value. At Infinzi, we offer one of the most comprehensive accounting outsourcing services in Mumbai. You can count on us for a plethora of services which will help you take your business to the next level.


Looking to register your new company? As one of the best accounting outsourcing companies in Mumbai, Infinzi offers registration services for public limited companies, private limited companies, one-person companies, limited liability partnerships, partnership firms, and sole proprietorships. As one of the top accounting companies in Mumbai, we also specialise in renewal or procurement services of government agency certificates or licenses such as MSME certification, FSSAI license, etc.


Unsure about the format of your invoices? Creating incorrect invoices can cause several complications. You not only have to adhere to compliances and best practices but also have to provide accurate information in your invoices. By delaying the creation of invoices, you may also end up receiving your payments later than usual. As a firm that provides accounting services in Mumbai, we also specialise in creating invoices for our customers. We automate the entire process of invoice creation and ensure that all invoices are delivered on time to your customers.

Financial Statements

Preparation of financial statements is an important activity for any business. These financial statements include balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statements etc. We create these statements by adhering to all compliance requirements. You can evaluate the performance of your business by scrutinising these statements. Your investors would be able to determine the networth of your business by analysing these statements. We can also help you review the accuracy of your financial statements to comply with best practices and regulatory requirements. If there is any deviation or anomaly, we will immediately bring to your notice

Client & Vendor Management

Managing working capital efficiently is critical to the smooth running of your business. This includes negotiating favourable terms of payment with the vendors and timely recovery of payments from customers. At Infinzi, we manage payment terms with vendors and customers enabling you to focus on managing the core value proposition of your enterprise without having to worry about the ancillary operations.

Company Budgets

For every organisation, preparing budgets is a vital activity. It enables the promoters to get clarity about the amount of funds to be deployed towards multiple departments such as sales, marketing, human resources, logistics etc. By preparing a budget, an organisation would also be able to manage its cash efficiently and track the return on investment across it spends. We are one of the accounting outsourcing companies in Mumbai that help businesses prepare budgets that are aligned to their strategic goals and thus enable them to focus on their core competence.

Strategic Assistance

Apart from being a firm that offers accounting services in Mumbai, we also end up being a strategic consultant for our clients. We provide guidance on various aspects of running a business such as developing a vision, crafting long term strategy, initiating new business lines, optimising processes, improving efficiencies etc. that are aligned with a firm’s requirement as well as facilitate growth. We also have a larger team of experts to provide strategic assistance on human resource management, digital marketing, sales expansion and technology.

MIS Reporting

Management Information Reports are invaluable tools that are vital for decision making. MIS reports include fund flow statements, cash flow statements, production reports, sales reports, etc. It is important to access these reports consistently so that you can make business critical decisions. Our team of experts who provide accounting services in Mumbai will work closely with your company personnel to generate these reports on a regular basis.


When you outsource your accounting to Infinzi, one of the best accounting outsourcing companies in Mumbai, you will get a dedicated resource that will help you with your timely bookkeeping. We review MIS reporting, statutory compliances, and accounts regularly so your business can run without a glitch. We also offer an experienced Client Relationship Manager who would interact with your team and assist you with all your requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering world class but cost-effective services. We have different pricing plans so that firms across the spectrum can avail of our offerings.

As one of the best accounting outsourcing companies in Mumbai, we work with some of the leading brands in the country. You can check out the  entire list here

You can consider Infinzi to be your outsourced ‘CFO (Chief Financial Officer)’. This enables your firm to receive all the services that a CFO would offer at a fraction of the cost that your business would incur.

If you already have a finance department, we would be willing to work closely with them so that they can focus on projects that can deliver value for your business.

Since we consider ourselves to be an integral partner in the growth story of our customers, we have substantial ‘skin in the game’. As written earlier, apart from accounting, we offer a plethora of other services such as book-keeping, compliance, HR management, Digital marketing etc.

Infinzi, one of the best accounting outsourcing companies in Mumbai, has customisable packages suited for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

What’s more, you will have your own dedicated Client Relationship Manager (SPOC) who will be responsible for addressing your requirements and pain points exclusively.

MSMEs and startups are the growth engines of our economy. We work with multiple firms which have recently started their growth journey. 

We have pay-as-you-go plans which enable startups and small firms to comfortably work with us. As they grow, they can avail more services from us.

For example, when you avail our accounting package, you will only be paying for the number of transactions and compliances.

If the number of your transactions is less, outsourcing your accounting will save costs. If you want more control, you can also outsource a full-time executive.

Outsourcing your accounting services will incur no recruitment charges, easy replacements in case of unsatisfactory performance, no obligations towards Gratuity, PF, or other employment benefits, and no appraisals or performance management hassles.

Bookkeeping includes preparing source documents for operations, transactions and other business transactions such as payments, receipts, sales and purchases. Book-keeping services also include Bank Reconciliation, Document Management & liasing with auditors to meet their audit requirements.

infinzi offer flexible & affordable accounting service packages based on volume & scope of work. Please consult our financial experts and bookkeeping team who will first assess your accounting needs and will determine the right package for maximum productivity.

Bookkeeping comes in different types such as single-entry system, double-entry system, bookkeeping software and virtual bookkeeping.

Though bookkeepers have a reputation in business, they come with several advantages as well. As a bookkeeping outsourcing company, we offer virtual and flexible services while working with multiple software programs. As the business experiences market and seasonal changes, our business bookkeeping solutions adapt accordingly.

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