Business growth

Business Growth

We help your company blossom into a prosperous and lucrative business. We can formulate and help you implement multiple growth strategies which can be employed for transforming your business. Our insights will enable your firm to improve its growth rate and catapult to the next level.

sales & GTM(GO TO MARKET) strategy

Sales & GTM (Go-To-Market) Strategy

As a business consultant in Mumbai, we offer effective go to stronget (GTM) strategies for enabling you to launch your product successfully across diverse strongets. We also enable you to implement successful sales strategies to acquire new customers and gain stronget share.

Business plan & policy service

Business Plan & Policy

A robust business plan is the blueprint for starting a new business. We assist you with creating a comprehensive and functional business plan which will not only help you with raising capital but also with allocation your resources optimally. We can also help you construct a policy framework for your business which can serve as a robust foundation for you to build upon. You can focus on your core competence while a certified business consultant from our team in Mumbai creates a formidable business plan and holistic policies.

operational consulting service

Operational Consulting

We understand the importance of optimising operational efficiencies. We map your existing process flow, identify redundant and unsuitable processes, recommend effective process flows and thus streamline your business operations. By leveraging our operational consulting offerings, your business can enjoy higher productivity, increased cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.

HR Consulting service

HR Consulting

Empowered human resources can unlock substantial value within an organisation. People are the key to drive organisational growth. We appreciate the significance of human capital advisory and offer a variety of services but not limited to talent management, human capital strategy, organisational change, compensation & benefits and learning and development.

Resource Utilization & Growth Plan service

Resource Utilization & Growth Plan

Resource utilization involves recording employee’s billable tasks. By implementing resource utilization practices, you can track productivity at an employee level. This will enable your organisation to evaluate whether you are pricing your offerings suitably. We also assist you with creating growth plans to scale up seamlessly.

Adept Technology That Fits Business Requirement service

Adept Technology that fits business requirement

Choosing suitable technology platforms for your organisation is easier said than done. Technology trends are dynamic and evolve rapidly. Our team is adept at estimating technology needs, scrutinising existing platforms and recommending solutions which add value.

Cost Control Methodology service

Cost Control Methodology

It is essential for an organisation to complete a project within the assigned budget. By implementing cost control methodologies, budget overruns can be avoided and eventually eliminated. This improves profitability and credibility of an organisation. You can rely on our capable team to conceptualise and implement cost control methodologies.

Business Consultant / Business Consulting

There are many branches of specialization where we harness the potential of our experts to drive the growth of small, medium and large scale organizations. One of them is Management Consulting. Our ability to look beyond shifting markets, hands on approach, focusing on skill building and organizational culture has enabled us to provide the right solution for every corporate Business consultant.

Another important domain is Operational Consulting where we believe flexibility and resilience are the keys to achieve long term productivity, efficiency and growth. At Infinzi, we aim to transform end-to-end capabilities and processes by utilizing our global expertise to chart out opportunities and barriers for the growth drivers in your team.

Law, accountancy, security – there are natural problem solvers in each of these spheres. What is important here, is recommending which strategy, marketing plan or business model will work best for your people, given their strengths and skill sets. Adopting a sales strategy to further your business needs, is yet another dimension that we address.

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