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Recruitment Support



At Infinzi, we know the importance of having highly skilled people available in your business to deliver business as usual and critical projects. With our in-depth experience of the technology and retail sector, we can use our knowledge and expertise to source and screen applicants for your most important roles, ensuring you receive highly skilled quality candidates.

We are different to a typical recruitment agency, as we internally employ the roles we can help you resource – meaning we understand the roles and what to look for in ideal candidates.

We can support permanent, contract and interim requirements that you may have for IT, Testing, Project Delivery, Consulting, Development, Support, Sales & Marketing positions.

infinzi is a multi-service, multi-location business consulting & financial service organization established in the year 2017, with offices & associates in Mumbai & Hyderabad. infinzi was founded in the year 2017 as an entry level firm to fuel further growth in organizations.

Address: AZG Consulting LLP 114, DBS Business Center, DBS Heritage House, Prescott Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
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